5 Versatile Sauces That Make Everything Better

Class Length: 5 videos, total 25 mins
Category: Food

Is there anything in this world that’s not made better by sauce? Definitely not. Skip store-bought sauces and follow Chef John to learn how to make your own from scratch These sauces are the secret to taking your dinners to a whole new level.

5 video lessons
Garlic Sauce
Lesson 2
4 min
Fragrant Chili Sauce
Lesson 3
3 min
Spicy and Sour Sauce
Lesson 4
2 min
Chef John Zhang
Chef John Zhang
With the title of National Senior Chef and 30+ years of experience in the culinary industry, chef John Zhang is well versed with the essentials of regional Chinese cuisines, especially in Huaiyang and Chaozhou cuisines. The former top chef from several 5-star hotels in Shanghai, Chef John was the Gold ...