An emotional drama between mother and daughter!
The story line may seem ordinary, but the amount of feelings in it! oh my, with every dropping tear my heart aches...I ended up with a pillow soaked with tears...and I'm not kidding...highly recommended for one of those night when you feel like crying but you don't know how.
Super recommended!
The choice of the cast was a key point for the story, after all for this film to come to life is necessary to know how to act and to cry, it was what Kim Hyang Gi did to play So Ra, Song Yoon Ah also did a great job as a mother even I think that mother and daughter did not match in this movie.
A perfect 10 for the rewatch value
All the casts and the story was breath taking. I really wasn’t expecting that. But for the vote I would give it a perfect 10 for the rewatch value, in fact I will not re-watch it.
Alit S.
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