Eat it when you're hungry!
For generations, recipes and methods of cooking have been passed down in each household, region and by extension, the country of origin. These dishes and how they are prepared are what makes each of our countries unique and independent. Le Grand Chef is the story of culinary vengeance, friendship, love and expression of art in cooking. This movie was most definitely a wonderful and touching one, not only to food lovers but to persons who value the true meaning of people in our lives. This movie will make you laugh, cry and laugh some more!
Cooking Steeped in Korean Essence
This movie shows cooking not only as an art form, but as a potential means to capture the cultural essence of a people. For a Westerner like me, aspects of the storyline and some of its details are beyond my full comprehension. They border on the mystical. Still, this film was well acted, with a nice balance between funny and loving scenes as well as scenes provoking sadness and even anger.
Yiannis P
Great for family
Great movie to watch on a weekend afternoon with the family. This masterpiece will make you laugh, bring you to hears and have you cheering for the underdog. This movie showcases Korea's rich culinary history and shows that honesty and hard work always pays off.
Sam S.
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